Removing Wine Bottle Labels

I’ve noticed while interviewing hundreds of winemakers that as a whole they are rather positive about their wine and life in general. So I decided to see if I could channel some positive thoughts about the weather we have been having in Central Maryland. Last week heat indexes rose beyond 110º F. Can anything be positive about that?

I’ve noticed that with our humidity, a glass of ice tea sweats rather profusely during the summer time. I wondered if a wine bottle filled with water and refrigerated would sweat so much that the label would come off. I reuse wine bottles for bottling the wines I make at home. So I tried three wine bottles. Sure enough, they began to sweat soon after taking them outdoors from the refrigerator. Within twenty minutes two of the labels easily peeled off leaving no glue on the glass. The third bottle’s label proved to be more difficult. It did come off with a razor blade but left behind glue. I used WD-40 to remove the glue. This method to remove wine bottle labels is no great discovery. It is not the best way to remove labels. It was easy though and now I can look forward to a silver lining when heat indexes exceed 110º F.



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