Designing a Wine Bottle Label

I finally designed a label for the wine we are making at Tin Lizzie Wineworks. I’ll use the same label with modifications for the wine I’m making at home and at Vint Hill Craft Winery. Making the label is easier said than done. Because I have to deal with TTB regs at Vint Hill, I […]

Veraison Has Begun

I am surprised that my Dornfelder grapes are starting veraison. It seems that it is too early in July. On the other hand, we have had dry weather with numerous days in the 90’s and even three straight days in the 100’s. Last year there were no days in the 100’s and few days in […]

Nature’s Painting in the Vineyard

I find myself sitting on the deck marveling at the Dornfelder grapes and the pictures that nature paints. Every day is different. Today I noticed and tried to capture the sunshine casting shadows through the leaves. The bright blue background gave a nice contrast to the light green. Vineyards are beautiful to gaze upon, especially […]