Vineyard Microbiology

I attended three sessions at the Wineries Unlimited Trade Show and Conference that were joint viticulture and enology sessions. They were slanted to viticulture though. The speaker line-up was interesting. There wasn’t a single American accent. Dr. Paolo Sabbatini was from Michigan via Italy. Dr. Markus Keller was from Washington via Switzerland. Professor Pascal Duran […]

A Diverse Group of Speakers at Wineries Unlimited

Wineries Unlimited Trade Show and Conference takes place in Richmond, Virginia next week. With a few commenting at last year’s event that there was too much of an emphasis on California, I was interested to see where this year’s speakers hailed from. Of the 19 speakers, 8 are from California. Two of the 8 from […]

Grapevines Didn’t Get the Memo

Our weather in Central Maryland has been beautiful this month of March. We have had and continue to have a string of above average temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s. Finishing up the warmer than average winter, the spring show of colors has started early. Spring flowering trees are in their full colorful display of […]

Gearing up for Wineries Unlimited 2012

In two weeks we’ll attend the annual Wineries Unlimited Trade Show and Conference in Richmond, Virginia. Like last year, Kathy and I will split up to take different sessions so we can cover more of the conference. I have a tendency to cover the enology sessions while Kathy likes to cover the marketing sessions. Fortunately […]

Many Roads Lead to Winemaking Knowledge

I have been working on a presentation that looks at the many roads that lead to wine knowledge. This presentation is geared to wine writers who, whether they want to face it or not, must to some degree be accountable for their credibility. Yesterday, Kathy and I met with Lisa Baker and her brother Drew […]