First Zero Carbon Footprint Closure

Image provided by Nomacorc.

What do you do with all those wine bottle closures? We don’t throw them in the trash because they are not biodegradable. So they fill up a box, then another box until we make something out of them. I’ve made wine bottle trivets, push pin boards and even cut the […]

Ten Degrees Colder and a Month Later

One of the reasons for a blog is to have a log of things that I’ve done or occurred in the past. Comparing the spring of 2013 to the spring of 2012, here in Central Maryland, one will notice two completely different late winter/spring weather outcomes. The winter/spring of 2012 was warmer than this year. […]

Winemaking Helps Break the Language Barrier

On our recent trip to Croatia for the International Wine Tourism Conference we visited ten wineries. At the wineries we visited, we spoke with someone that could speak English. Most of the time it was the winemaker. On a few visits, the winemaker was a little apprehensive about their ability to speak English. I noticed […]