Pomace Idea – Make a Second Run Wine

Our jelly making only used a small portion of the pomace we collected from the bladder press at Tin Lizzie Wineworks on Saturday. We collected two more containers of pomace on Sunday. With all this pomace and a little research, we decided to make a second run wine, something that we have not done before.


Pomace Idea – Make Wine Jelly

We went to Tin Lizzie Wineworks this weekend to punch down our wine. While we were there, other clients were pressing their wines and racking to barrels. When the press was taken apart to clean, the pomace was placed in a bin to later take to a compost pile. Kathy and I filled a few […]

Punching Down our Fermentation Bin

Punch down is a winery task that is done three or four times daily while grapes are fermenting. The idea is to mix the juice with the skins and seeds. During fermentation, the skins and seeds float to the top of the fermentation bin or tank. They form a cap. This cap can be several […]

Punch Down and Adding Tartaric Acid and the Malolactic Fermentation Mixture

Kathy and I went to Tin Lizzie Wineworks late yesterday afternoon for a couple hours. During the time we punched down 12 fermentation bins, mixed tartaric acid to add to most of the bins and added the malolactic fermentation mixture to each bin.

There wasn’t much going on with fermentation. The yeast was added about […]

Winemaking Yeast Selection: Not as Simple as in the Kitchen

Our must was rather cold yesterday so we decided to hold off adding yeast until today. A winemaker has a vast selection of yeasts to chose from. In the kitchen, Kathy usually has a choice of using Red Star yeast or Fleischmann’s yeast for her baking. That’s not much of a choice. Winemakers on the […]

Destemming and Crush 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon

We destemmed and crushed the Cabernet Sauvignon yesterday at Tin Lizzie Wineworks in Clarksville, Maryland. Now that we know what we are doing before we do it, the process is much faster. Check out the short one-minute video.

Cheers, Terry


Destemming & Crushing Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon

Our grapes arrived from Stagecoach Vineyards in the Atlas Peak AVA of Napa Valley. They were harvested last week and were in pristine condition. There were 23 lugs of grapes awaiting Kathy and my arrival early Saturday morning. The first thing we did was to taste the grapes. They were very flavorful with seeds that […]

Grapes Traveling

Harvested just a couple days ago, our Cabernet Sauvignon from Stagecoach Vineyards are in a refrigerated truck making their way to the east coast. I was curious as to the number of growing degree days in Napa. Data for Oakville in Napa Valley put the growing degree days over the 2400 mark. This is a […]

Almost Ready to Harvest

It is a bit more difficult to follow the harvest when it is a few thousand miles away. Growing degree days is just one measurement. In the Oakville area of Napa the number of growing degree days as of 10/2 reached 2344. Of course the number will be different from one area to another. Cabernet […]

A Bladder Press Blowout

In the book, A Wine Journey, four chapters recount experiences making wine at home and at wineries. One chapter looks at winemaking experiences at Tin Lizzie Wineworks in Clarksville, Maryland. Here is an excerpt from the chapter about a bladder press.

“Traveling around the world and talking to hundreds of winemakers, we heard stories about […]