Racking the Peach Wine, Again

Since we are going to travel for a few weeks we decided to rack the peach wine. The wine was in a 3-gallon carboy, a half-gallon carboy and a 750 ml decanter. Both the decanter and the half gallon carboy had about an inch of sediment and dead yeast cells at the bottom. The 3-gallon […]

Racking the Peach Wine

Since the bubbling in the airlock was significantly slower than a couple days ago, we decided to rack the peach wine into a carboy. First Kathy gathered the floating peaches and put them in a cheesecloth. I’ll get back to this later. Then we measured the specific gravity of the wine at 1.010. It has […]

Keeping an Eye on Fermentation

Both the peach wine and Sauvignon Blanc are in primary fermenters with an airlock. It’s interesting to note that I’m drawn to observe the bubbling in the airlock. One might think that is a boring activity, however, I find it fascinating to stare at bubbles being released. The Sauvignon Blanc was the first to begin […]

Kit Wine, One More Try

After making wine from juice and grapes both at home and at wineries, making another wine from a kit seems like a step backward. On the negative side, I don’t like the “kit wine taste” that I often pick up. So I decided to only look at higher quality kits. Since I only want to […]

Finally a Peach Wine Attempt

Ever since we started making wine in 2007, Kathy has wanted to make peach wine. Finally we decided to just do it. Our first decision was how much to make. Since we have two empty 3 gallon carboys we decided on three gallons. Next we needed to find a recipe or two to follow. Unfortunately, […]

Where did we go wrong?

Things don’t always turn out right. We’ve made some good wines and some wines destined to end up mulled during the winter or in Sangria during the summer. Perhaps one of the wines may be turned into vinegar. Other than those few tribulations, the other wines are good to great. So we had some confidence […]