What Makes a Great Wine?

On January 20th at 5:30 pm, forty Howard County bloggers and blog readers will meet at the Second Chance Saloon in Columbia, MD. Hocoblogs.com sponsors the gathering. Hocoblogs.com has a list of many blogs originating in Howard County. The event is co-hosted by 53 Beers on Tap and Computer Blues.

Since this blog is dedicated […]

Diamonds in the Vineyard

Last night we had the first vine clinging snowfall of the year. Factoids may argue that it was our fourth snowfall. The first was an inch but didn’t cling to the vines. The second and third snowfalls measured trace if that much again with no clinging to the vines. Last night’s snowfall not only was […]

2011 Winemaking Resolutions

After looking at successes and failures of the 2010 resolutions it is now time to be more realistic about the 2011 winemaking resolutions. After some thought, here is what Kathy and I would like to accomplish during the year.

1. Learn to clarify, filter and sweeten the Muscat wine prior to bottling.

2. Bottle the […]

2010 Winemaking Resolutions a Reflection

January is a great time to make resolutions even about winemaking. I did this at the beginning of 2010 and thought I check to see how I did before making 2011 winemaking resolutions.

1. Bottle a Cab/Tannat blend. This will be an east meets west wine: Virginia Tannat and California Cabernet Sauvignon. Did this in […]