Do You Fertilize Vinefera Grapes?

Just as winemakers shake their heads when the affect of government on wine is discusses, so to do vineyard growers. I had the opportunity to talk to Ron Barrett, winegrower and winemaker at Kinkead Ridge Estate Winery in Ripley, Ohio. Ron mentioned that the state isn’t helpful when they make suggestions that winegrowers need to […]

Is There Hope for my Backyard Grapes?

I just happened to notice the Niagara grapes in my backyard. They have increased in size and are definitely much larger than the few vines of Dornfeilder I have planted. What was even more encouraging was the lack of black or brown circles on the grapes. During the last two years we lost our grape […]

Government’s Local Zoning Impact on Wineries

I remember my first WSET class. The first thing our instructor told us was that to make wine, there are three entities that will affect the wine in the bottle. The first was the vineyard, the second the winemaker and the third the government. I’ve gained a bit of experience in the vineyard, helping Tin […]

New Growth of Petit Manseng

A little over a week after planting a row of Petit Manseng, it was time to visit the vineyard. Our task yesterday was to move the soil to three inches below the graft. When we first planted the vines, the soil was mounded up over the graft. Mounding the soil over the graft protected the […]