Niagara Update

While racking the Muscat and Petite Sirah from the fermentation bins into carboys, I decided to rack the Niagara. Since I have less than a gallon of Niagara, I racked it into a ½ gallon and 1 quart jugs. While racking I tasted the wine. It is golden in color and has a very floral […]

Adding Sugar to Juice

Perhaps it was because the Petite Sirah juice was beginning to ferment or some other reason, however, when I added just the beginning of the 2.5 pounds of sugar to the Petite Sirah juice there was an immediate reaction. The juice was filled to almost the top of the six-gallon container. As soon as the […]

Fill those Carboys!

Two years ago I made my first wine from a kit. I religiously followed the directions often reading them several times before following. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t follow the wine kit’s directions. Last week this started me thinking that since I had empty carboys perhaps I should fill them. […]

Making the Niagara Wine

This post is rather late. We didn’t get much juice out of feet pressing the grapes. It looks like I’ll need to purchase a small wine press for future harvests. We ended up with about three quarts of juice. I add some Lalvin D47 yeast. The yeast is suppose to be low foaming, however on […]