Ten Degrees Colder and a Month Later

One of the reasons for a blog is to have a log of things that I’ve done or occurred in the past. Comparing the spring of 2013 to the spring of 2012, here in Central Maryland, one will notice two completely different late winter/spring weather outcomes. The winter/spring of 2012 was warmer than this year. The average daily temperature for the time period from mid-February through mid-March was ten degrees colder in 2013 than it was in 2012. A year ago I recall that flowering trees were in full blossom in mid-March; this year that event was a month later.

My grape vines tend to follow the spring flowering trees. They are beginning to show signs that they are still alive, although it is a month later than last year. How will this fair during harvest? The vines seem to be on the same schedule they were in 2011. If so, harvest should be the beginning of September. Of course 2011 was the year we lost everything due to the remnants of a hurricane then a rain train that dumped double digits of rain on us for days on end. But that was the past. As the grape vines bud and spring forth, so does optimism. There is that hope to make another batch of wine from our grapes.

Niagara vine just began leafing this week.


Petit Manseng a bit further ahead of the Niagara.


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