Wine Room Survives Rare East Coast Earthquake

I finished construction of my new wine room two weeks ago. Just a few pieces of trim are still needed to completely finish. I remember going way overboard when installing the wine racks. I shook them vigorously to see if I could move them. If I could, additional screws were used to anchor them to the wall and each other. I didn’t want to take any chances of wine bottles tumbling to breakage.

Little did I realize that the first test of my resolve would come on August 23rd, our 39th anniversary, with a rare East Coast earthquake. What made this quake different than previous ones decades ago was that the house shook for a longer time. It seemed like deer jumped onto the roof of the house and were running around. Eventually I made it outside to inspect for damage and there was none. Then it was the wine room that came to my attention. Nothing was out of place. Not the wine bottles, pictures or other wine-related regalia. Actually only a couple things fell in the house but nothing in the wine room. When it comes to bottle aging your wine, build racks to last for a long time and even rare earthquakes.


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