Looking forward to more days at Wineries Unlimited

At last year’s Wineries Unlimited I had the chance to spend a day at the Trade Show. I learned a lot about closures such as the Zork (great commercial), barrels, winemaking materials such as those by Laffort and many other things from interesting vendors. This year I’m going to devote two days to the Trade Show. There is so much when chatting with 300 vendors, that information overkill is easy to feel in one day. Hopefully two days will afford some processing time.

In addition to the trade show, Kathy and I are going to several of the viticulture, enology and marketing seminars. One challenge is to attend sessions when more than two we are interested in occur at the same time. That’s an example of a good problem.

Here is a list of topics presented at this year’s Wineries Unlimited:

Viticulture and Enology
-Effects of Vineyard Management Practices on Wine Aroma and Flavor
-Impact of Vineyard Management Practices on Grape and Wine Phenols
-Vins de Terroir vs. Vins d’Effort. Why Terroir Matters
-Comparison of pruning method and severity on vine growth and productivity of Chardonnay grapevines
-Wine Structure Goals and Strategies
-Recent advances in canopy management
-Winemaking Effects on Mouthfeel
-Vineyard floor management options
-Post Modern Winemaking Revolutions

Marketing and Sales
-The Basics: Developing Your Business Plan, Sales Projections, Estimating the Size of your Market, Creating your Unique?Selling Proposition
-Developing the Message
-Targeting Your Audiences: Who are Those Guys? What do They Want?
-How To Sell Wine: The Techniques of Selling Wine and What works with consumers, what restaurants want
-Getting the Word Out How to deliver the message, social Media for small wineries and Why Education Matters
-How do you know if it is working? Using metrics to measure your marketing: sales, visits, calls, clips and friends

Hope to see you at Wineries Unlimited.



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