Eastern Winery Exposition’s Trade Show

2013 Eastern Winery Exposition Trade Show

On Thursday, the day after Terry’s presentation at the Eastern Winery Exposition, in Lancaster Pennsylvania, we attended the trade show. The exhibit was designed with winemakers, winery owners, viticulturists and tasting room managers in mind.

Winemakers may be interested in the variety of oak barrels available. Or at […]

Recap of Day 1 at the Eastern Winery Exposition

This is the second year for the Eastern Winery Exposition and the first year I attended. According to Richard Leahy, Conference Manager, in just two years the conference has grown to become the second largest wine and trade show conference in the country. On Tuesday evening, a wine reception was held. Many of the winemakers […]

A Diverse Group of Speakers at Wineries Unlimited

Wineries Unlimited Trade Show and Conference takes place in Richmond, Virginia next week. With a few commenting at last year’s event that there was too much of an emphasis on California, I was interested to see where this year’s speakers hailed from. Of the 19 speakers, 8 are from California. Two of the 8 from […]

Wineries Unlimited Conference and Trade Show

For the past three years winemakers and owners have encouraged us to attend Wineries Unlimited, the largest wine and vineyard related conference and trade show east of the Rocky Mountains. This event has occurred yearly since 1976. Produced by Vineyard and Winery Management magazine, the event takes place in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania from March […]

A Winter Day at the Winery

We had an opportunity to help winemaker Dave Zuchero at Tine Lizzie Wineworks in Clarksville, Maryland yesterday. The sun was radiant which helped melt the several feet of snow. Yesterday was one of the first days since the back-to-back blizzards hit the area earlier this month, which Dave was able to drive to the winery. […]

Will Plans to Put Foil on the Bottled Wine Get Foiled

The wine I bottle at home does not have foil or wax covering the opening. It is easy to observe the cork for mold or seepage of wine through the cork. At wine stores and wineries since most wines are covered in foil, one cannot observe the cork. A wine with mold on the cork […]

While the Wine Ages

Most wineries in the Northern Hemisphere have wine aging in tanks and barrels. Many home winemakers have wine aging in carboys and occasionally tanks or barrels. So what is there to do for winemakers and cellar masters during these cold winter days? Hibernation come to mind, however there are always winery tasks to attend. Generally […]

Sometimes Jobs are Just Messy

The last two tasks at Vint Hill Craft Winery were pressing the must and racking to barrels. Both tasks were simple, however they were messy and cleanup probably took longer than the tasks. There was plenty of help to clean up after pressing the California Cab. Using a plastic knife, we had to […]

The Unromantic Side of Winemaking

I always fancied vineyards, winemaking and wine as romantic. Vineyard weddings or proposals field this view. So do winery receptions and bridal parties. Wine can always be romantic. However there is another side to the process from the vineyard to your glass that is not romantic.

My first day spent working […]