In the Lab: testing for Sugar Levels and pH

While racking, I ran a sugar test and pH on the wine. Running the sugar test reminded me of high school chemistry class when we used pH paper to match a substance to a color chart with 14 indicators. The sugar test kit that many winemakers use is the Clinitest Reagent Tablets for […]

Winery Task: Racking Barrels

Winemakers do not often get a vacation. In the winery, there is always something to do. One of those tasks is racking the wine. Kathy and I helped winemaker, David Zuchero, at Tin Lizzie Wineworks rack the wine in seven barrels. It took the three of us about five hours, although I do […]

When Does a Winemaker’s Creativity Begin?

An interesting question was asked yesterday. When does a winemaker’s creativity begin? Given the premise that wine is made in the vineyard, does a winemaker make a difference. Two wines made from the same rows of grapes from the same vineyard having the same data (brix, pH, TA), can end up totally different […]

I never fancied myself a winemaker

I never fancied myself a winemaker. I simply enjoy visiting wineries throughout the world, talking to winemakers and tasting wine. An early personal challenge was to taste as many grape varieties as possible. After two and a half years I tasted 100 different varietal grapes. Tasting wine, interviewing winemakers and writing about […]