Making Another Peach Wine

Blushing Star Peaches

In 2011, Kathy wanted to make a peach wine. We found a recipe to try from researching the Internet. This year we decided to once again make peach wine. During hot summers, a cold glass of peach wine with a frozen peach slice in the glass to keep the wine cool […]

Racking the Peach Wine, Again

Since we are going to travel for a few weeks we decided to rack the peach wine. The wine was in a 3-gallon carboy, a half-gallon carboy and a 750 ml decanter. Both the decanter and the half gallon carboy had about an inch of sediment and dead yeast cells at the bottom. The 3-gallon […]

Finally a Peach Wine Attempt

Ever since we started making wine in 2007, Kathy has wanted to make peach wine. Finally we decided to just do it. Our first decision was how much to make. Since we have two empty 3 gallon carboys we decided on three gallons. Next we needed to find a recipe or two to follow. Unfortunately, […]