A Least Two Feet of Growth in Two Weeks

We have been traveling for the past two weeks. When we left, there were between six and ten inches of growth in the vineyard. On our return we found the Dornfelder vines with about two feet of additional growth, while the Niagara vines put on two to three feet of growth. Out came the pruning […]

A Delicious Wine Fault

We made some wine from the few pounds if Niagara harvested from our property last fall. Only six 375 ml bottles were made. This was really a small lot. However, we tended the vines and grapes, harvested the grapes and made wine. The whole experience was valuable. I fermented the wine to dry however wanted […]

Niagara Update

While racking the Muscat and Petite Sirah from the fermentation bins into carboys, I decided to rack the Niagara. Since I have less than a gallon of Niagara, I racked it into a ½ gallon and 1 quart jugs. While racking I tasted the wine. It is golden in color and has a very floral […]

Making the Niagara Wine

This post is rather late. We didn’t get much juice out of feet pressing the grapes. It looks like I’ll need to purchase a small wine press for future harvests. We ended up with about three quarts of juice. I add some Lalvin D47 yeast. The yeast is suppose to be low foaming, however on […]

Stomping the Niagara Grapes

After the Niagara harvest we sorted the grapes and weighed them. Having almost 13 pounds we had to decide to make jelly or wine. We decided to make a very small batch of wine from the juice. Since we didn’t have a press we were uncertain of how many liters of juice we could press. […]

Harvesting the Niagara

I decided, for better or worse to harvest the Niagara grapes. They only reached a brix level of 16 and stalled. The seeds were brown and the flavor was good. Normally, I’d let them hang but since some of the berries were beginning to rot and I don’t have many clusters, I decided to pick […]

Harvest Timing

I’ve given up with my Dornfelder. After an assault from birds, I learned to place netting over the vines and grapes. It helped somewhat. We did have to free a few birds from inside the netting. Then the bees went after the grapes. I guess they are ready for harvest although the highest brix I […]

Brix Levels Not There Yet

Since the birds were insistent on stealing the Dornfelder, I bought a refractrometer and checked the brix levels. Prior to testing, I tasted the grapes. Although the Dornfelder was developing sweetness, the acid was more prevalent. Seeds were still green but beginning to turn brown. The Dornfelder measured a 16.5 brix. The birds probably have […]

Is There Hope for my Backyard Grapes?

I just happened to notice the Niagara grapes in my backyard. They have increased in size and are definitely much larger than the few vines of Dornfeilder I have planted. What was even more encouraging was the lack of black or brown circles on the grapes. During the last two years we lost our grape […]