2015 Winemaking Resolutions

I neglected making yearly resolutions last year, so I wanted to make them before I forget to do so this year. My first resolution is to learn to make grappa. It’s not that I like grappa that much, although I had some good grappa in Italy and some good chacha in Georgia. It is the […]

2012 Winemaking Resolutions – How Well did I Do?

I had four winemaking resolutions for 2012. They were:

1. Use the filter Kathy gave me for a Christmas present. 2. Make a raspberry melomel. 3. Monitor the weather in California and determine if I should make another barrel of Cabernet Sauvignon. 4. Make another very high end kit white wine.

Ouch! only two of […]

2011 Winemaking Resolutions

After looking at successes and failures of the 2010 resolutions it is now time to be more realistic about the 2011 winemaking resolutions. After some thought, here is what Kathy and I would like to accomplish during the year.

1. Learn to clarify, filter and sweeten the Muscat wine prior to bottling.

2. Bottle the […]

New Year’s Resolutions

2009 was a year of learning about winemaking. Washington State University offers online courses in winemaking and I took the beginning course. Although I began the course in the spring, I quickly put it off to the fall when the winemaking processes the instructor talked about could be seen in practice at Vint […]