Reflections on 2011 Winemaking Resolutions

On this last day of the year, it is time to reflect on how I did with my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions. In early January of 2011 I had four resolutions. Here are the resolutions and comments.

1. Learn to clarify, filter and sweeten the Muscat wine prior to bottling. Well we posted a question […]

2010 Winemaking Resolutions a Reflection

January is a great time to make resolutions even about winemaking. I did this at the beginning of 2010 and thought I check to see how I did before making 2011 winemaking resolutions.

1. Bottle a Cab/Tannat blend. This will be an east meets west wine: Virginia Tannat and California Cabernet Sauvignon. Did this in […]