Could Something Be Wrong?

Whether the wine is in barrels at a winery or carboys at home, there isn’t as much activity to do with the wine during the winter and spring months. Occasionally I’ll glance at the carboys and then go on with what I was doing. Yesterday, after a seven-day visit to Virginia wineries, I glanced at […]

Will Plans to Put Foil on the Bottled Wine Get Foiled

The wine I bottle at home does not have foil or wax covering the opening. It is easy to observe the cork for mold or seepage of wine through the cork. At wine stores and wineries since most wines are covered in foil, one cannot observe the cork. A wine with mold on the cork […]

This doesn’t look good

It is now a fact that I’ve learned more of “what not to do,” than what to do after making my first two batches of wine from kits. When checking the bottles in my wine cellar I came across one of my dessert Riesling bottles that had mold growing on it. It didn’t […]