Getting a Label Approved Is Easier Said than Done

Label design was something I’ve dreaded for more than a couple years. I had to make some decisions this past weekend though and get the design for the bottle label completed for the wine we have in barrel at Vint Hill Craft Winery in Virginia. Our label must be approved by the TTB. I don’t […]

Labeling Bottles

I decided to design a very simple bottle label. Since 2009 was the first vintage of making wines from grapes. To say that we were enlightened at making wine in two different wineries in two states is an understatement. The only thing that was the same at both wineries was the varietal name. However the […]

Designing a Wine Bottle Label

I finally designed a label for the wine we are making at Tin Lizzie Wineworks. I’ll use the same label with modifications for the wine I’m making at home and at Vint Hill Craft Winery. Making the label is easier said than done. Because I have to deal with TTB regs at Vint Hill, I […]