Gearing up for Wineries Unlimited 2012

In two weeks we’ll attend the annual Wineries Unlimited Trade Show and Conference in Richmond, Virginia. Like last year, Kathy and I will split up to take different sessions so we can cover more of the conference. I have a tendency to cover the enology sessions while Kathy likes to cover the marketing sessions. Fortunately […]

Chicken-wire chemistry for winegrowers and winemakers

If one attends the winemaking sessions at Wineries Unlimited, they’ll quickly realize the presenters know their chemistry. Be prepared for slides with chicken wire-like images of molecules representing tannins, proteins and others. Speaker Clark Smith, who during his sixty-minute presentation made three statements that I didn’t understand any of the words in the sentences, challenged […]

Whatever you do, plan well before spending a dime

The theme for the Newcomers sessions at the Wineries Unlimited Trade Show and Conference was to plan well before spending a dime. Many vineyards and wineries err when first starting out because planning could have been better. One of those errors includes purchasing smaller or less expensive equipment than is needed to make premium wines. […]

Looking forward to more days at Wineries Unlimited

At last year’s Wineries Unlimited I had the chance to spend a day at the Trade Show. I learned a lot about closures such as the Zork (great commercial), barrels, winemaking materials such as those by Laffort and many other things from interesting vendors. This year I’m going to devote two days to the Trade […]

What’s in that Wine?

Winemakers have different thoughts about making wine. Since winemakers began making wine, they had to learn how to control what they were making. While at Vint Hill Craft Winery in Virginia during the autumn, I added several winemaking products to the fermentation bin. One of these products was Lafase® HE Grand Cru by Laffort. This […]

Wineries Unlimited Conference and Trade Show

For the past three years winemakers and owners have encouraged us to attend Wineries Unlimited, the largest wine and vineyard related conference and trade show east of the Rocky Mountains. This event has occurred yearly since 1976. Produced by Vineyard and Winery Management magazine, the event takes place in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania from March […]