Preparing our Qvevri for Burial

On our first visit to qvevri maker Zaliko Bodjadze we learned that we should coat the outside of the qvevri with a lime-based mortar. Zaliko demonstrated a trick he uses to help make the mortar mix stay in place and adhere to the qvevri. I hope his method works. Zaliko used galvanized wire to create a grid on the qvevri.

Qvevri maker Zaliko Bodjadze demonstrates how he makes a grid out of wire before coating with mortar.


A quick trip to the hardware store to purchase some wire was followed by attaching the wire to the qvevri. I attached the bottom piece first although left some slack in the wire. I did the same for the top piece. I then began attaching the side pieces. I tightened the pieces. My next step is to coat the outside of the qvevri with a mortar mix.

The wire grid on our qvevri.


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