Almost Ready to Harvest

It is a bit more difficult to follow the harvest when it is a few thousand miles away. Growing degree days is just one measurement. In the Oakville area of Napa the number of growing degree days as of 10/2 reached 2344. Of course the number will be different from one area to another. Cabernet Sauvignon likes around 2400 growing degree days and that number has been reached in some areas and lags behind in other areas. A recent heat wave to hit the Napa wine regions has helped the fruit.

In an article in the St. Helena Star, Harvest Report: Heat wave boosts sugar levels, Jan Krupp of Stagecoach Vineyards was quoted, “Harvest on Atlas Peak is accelerating with merlot in full swing, the whites finishing up, and cabernet about to begin. Quality so far has been excellent with no shortage of fruit.”

Temperatures are cooling again in the Napa area. Mostly the chance of rain is below 20% until next week when Tuesday’s chance will be at 20%. It looks like the vineyard team will harvest the Cabernet Sauvignon at Stagecoach soon.  Then the fruit makes it trek to the East Coast in refrigerated trucks. We are looking forward to its arrival at Tin Lizzie Wineworks in Clarksville, Maryland.

Meanwhile, an experimental couple gallons of white Cabernet Sauvignon is on the third day of fermentation. Yesterday the bubbles in the airlock sped up to a bubble per second. Today there is a bubble every three seconds. This white Cabernet Sauvignon is made from Virginia Cabernet Sauvignon that was destemmed at Pearmund Cellars in Broad Run, Virginia.


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