Finally, Bottled the Peach Wine

When we started making wine in 2008 we had to learn about patience. Our mead took ten months to clear, and we were forewarned to be patient. Where do you draw the line between patience and procrastination? We finally bottled our peach wine today. It could have been bottled months ago, however, we procrastinated. Kathy gave me a filter for Christmas. It took six months to use the filter to filter the peach wine. Is this patience or procrastination? To be fair, I gave Kathy a cheese making kit last Christmas. She is just using it today, six months later.

I was a bit concerned that keeping the peach wine in a carboy would damage it, however it was fine. So late last week we filtered the wine and back sweetened it. We made a small amount of the peach wine, about three galloons. We almost filled 15 bottles. The 15th bottled we’ll consume today. One of the nice things about making small volumes of wine is that you can take risks and do something you haven’t done before. This was the first fruit wine we tried to make and we are pleased with the results.

We plan to drink the peach wine during the summer when the temperatures roar past 90º. When it is that hot outside,I’ve noticed that a chilled wine heats up rather quickly. Something we’ve done in the past is to freeze fruit and put a frozen piece of fruit in the wine to keep it cool. With the peach wine, use a frozen peach slice. This will help keep the wine cooler longer and give you a slice of peach that just spent some time in wine. It’s a win-win situation.


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  • It really is nice making small volumes of wine. Taking risks is quite a joy. I have been experimenting with fermenting different beverages, such as Hawaiian Punch, Tang, and Welches. Peach wine is definitely on my list to try very soon. Glad to hear it came out so well…and a frozen peach slice is a great idea!

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