Gearing up for Wineries Unlimited 2012

In two weeks we’ll attend the annual Wineries Unlimited Trade Show and Conference in Richmond, Virginia. Like last year, Kathy and I will split up to take different sessions so we can cover more of the conference. I have a tendency to cover the enology sessions while Kathy likes to cover the marketing sessions. Fortunately there will be some overlap for us. The first day of the conference begins at 8:00 am on Tuesday, March 27 with a Marketing Workshop. The day is divided into several sections with a do it yourself DYI theme.We’ll start with “Hammer Out Your Message” and follow that session with “Nail Down Profits in the Tasting Room.” Other sessions include “The Nuts and Bolts of Selling During Events,” “Setting the Foundation for an extraordinary Team” and “Having the Right Tools to Make the Sale.”

On the second and third days I’ll cover enology sessions and Kathy will cover more marketing sessions. Last year I was introduced to the term “chicken wire chemistry” when diagrams of tannins were shown on the slide presentation. I use to like chemistry in high school and for awhile was considering majoring in it. However, education won out. It was interesting to note that last year’s enology sessions were understandable and only one speaker on two occasions presented material that was “over my head.” There were many other blank stares from conference attendees at that session so I didn’t feel bad.

Does a conference such as Wineries Unlimited help winemakers and growers do things in their wineries and vineyards? Last year at one of the marketing sessions it was mentioned that the hottest white grape among consumers is Muscat. Since then we met several growers that already planted Muscat last year or plant to plant it this year. They also mentioned the session at Wineries Unlimited. People do listen to the sessions. When I presented at the International Wine Tourism Conference in Perugia, Italy in January, there were attendees that were making edits to their winery website to include the information that I presented. People do listen.

I’ll post blog entries on this site. You can view our main Wineries Unlimited coverage as well as past conference coverage on the Wine Trail Traveler site for Wineries Unlimited.


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