The Strongest Reason to Filter

Earlier this year we bottled a Muscat that Kathy made. Since we do not have a filter, the wine was racked a few times and appeared clear. Now that it has cellared a few months, we tried some of it. We enjoyed the taste and aroma, however there is a residue and after pouring a glass of the wine, when you tip the bottle upright, the wine mixes with the residue and becomes cloudy. Hopefully Santa will be nice and provide a filter. In the meantime I tried a work-around.

I decanted the Muscat since I knew we would finish the bottle in a couple hours. I carefully filled the decanter watching for the sediment to reach the neck of the bottle. Then I stopped pouring the wine into the decanter. In all, about one to two inches of wine was left in the bottle. I’ll use that in cooking. The first wine poured out of the bottle as well as the wine poured into the decanter was clear with a yellow color. The wine that remained in the bottle that mixed with the sediment was cloudy. However it tasted fine. Cloudy white wines, however, do not offer an appeasing view even though the aroma and taste were fine.

I do not filter my reds and residue never appeared to be a problem. This isn’t the case for whites. In the future I will certainly consider filtering my white wines as appearance may be the strongest reason for filtering.


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