Racking the Sauvignon Blanc

I am in no rush to bottle the Sauvignon Blanc made from a kit. For the past several days the wine was clearing as the sediment dropped to the bottom of a six-gallon carboy. The bottom resembled a lunar surface. Today was time to rack into a sterilized carboy. I sanitized the equipment with a solution of potassium metabisulfite. The solution didn’t use to bother me, however recently it causes me to sneeze several times and I had to go outdoors for some relief. It didn’t bother Kathy at all.

I tasted the wine before racking. It had a gold color and aroma and taste of lemon grass. They may have been some tropical notes but my sense of smell was off due to the sneezing and congestion. I did not notice any “wine kit” taste that I’ve experience with other wine kits in the past. The racking went slowly and I came up short about a gallon of wine. Off to the wine shop I was looking for a Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough to top off. I settled on a 2011 Babich.

Since I plan to keep the wine for a couple years, or at least until next August, I added a quarter teaspoon of potassium metabisulfite to the wine. I’ll let this wine settle for a month and plan for bottling at the end of November or beginning of December. So far I like the way it is turning out.


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