Barrel Won’t Fit in Wine Cellar

Several years ago I built a wine cellar. Walls were paneled, Ikea wine racks were assembled and old wine corks were cut into quarter round and half round to use as molding. The capacity of the small area was seven cases. It served well until now.

For the past two years we were making a barrel of Cabernet Sauvignon at Vint Hill Craft Winery in Virginia. We plan on bottling this weekend after aging the Cab in French oak for 20+ months. Needless to say our 24 – 25 cases will not fit in the present space. So off to the drawing board, we reclaimed a room in the house that had accidently turned into a junk room.

It was decided to turn the room into a wine room. Three walls were painted and the combination of the walls and the Ikea wine racks closely match the colors on the WineTrailTraveler website. One wall has the wine racks that will hold over 300 bottles. The Ikea wine racks were easy to assemble and attaching them to wall made them quite secure. I plan on adding a couple of photos printed on canvas of wine regions to the wine rack wall.

On another wall, an old secretary stands filled with wine books. We have two old ½ gallon wine bottles to add to the regalia in the room that include a Jamestown Glass Blowers Colonial wine bottle, an earthenware jug and a sunken wine bottle. I also have a newspaper article to back and frame of my uncle Orville (Hun) and his winemaking operation in Carroltown, Pennsylvania.

A small table in the room will offer a space for wine tasting and drinking. The room will serve as an escape and attractive atmosphere for wine drinking friends and family.

Reclaiming and turning the room into a wine room was an enjoyable two-week job. The cost was less than purchasing a wine rack system. It will offer years of use, unless we decide to start producing more barrels of wine wine.



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