Winemaking Online Class, Lesson Six at WSU

This lesson looked at specific wine making techniques as they relate to white wine. The instructor discussed the importance of cool fermentation and the need to protect the wine from oxidation. The practice of adding enzymes was presented. These enzymes improve juice yield and help in clarification. The comparison between barrel fermentation and tank fermentation was made. The instructor also discussed when and how to stop fermentation depend on if the wine is to be dry or sweet.

The different styles of white wine were presented with white wines from Burgandy and Bordeaux cited as examples. The instructor divides white wines into three styles: dry white wines, full bodied wood aged white wines and aromatic white wines that can be dry or sweet. White Burgundies were discussed in terms of geography, technique of making the wines and taste profile. This was contrasted with white Chablis that has a different taste profile and technique to make them. White Bordeaux wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon were contrasted.

The instructor chose France for examples of styles and techniques. Other wine regions throughout the world could also have been used. Emphasis was placed on making wines from grapes that do well in your region. It is also important to make wine in a style that differentiates your product from others in your region.

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