Sometimes Jobs are Just Messy

cleanupvhcw1The last two tasks at Vint Hill Craft Winery were pressing the must and racking to barrels. Both tasks were simple, however they were messy and cleanup probably took longer than the tasks. There was plenty of help to clean up after pressing the California Cab. Using a plastic knife, we had to remove the part that was jambed between the wooden slats of the press basket. The leftover must was compacted and looked like a cake. We had to break the pumace apart and throw it out.

cleanuovhcw2Then the group hosed down everything. Of course that placed a lot of water on the floor of the winery. I began thinking of the wineries in areas where there are water restrictions. We used a lot of water. Of course the drains were uphill. So brooms and squeegees were used to push the water towards the drain.

A couple days later Kathy and I helped with the clean up after pressing Zinfandel. The Zin was very liquidy and splattered everywhere. So the first thing to water blast was the walls. Then we cleaned the floor and equipment. The only mishap was a burst of water from the hose directed at my face. It was only for a moment and of course everyone saw it but unfortunately no one snapped a photo.

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