Missing out on one grape harvest

caymus1Harvest is not predictable even the California harvest. The best guess two months ago was that Cabernet Sauvignon from California would arrive mid-October. So we decided to squeeze a California trip in late September and early October to film vineyards and hopefully harvest. Unfortunately while we are flying to the west coast, the grapes already harvested are heading east. At least this is the case for Vint Hill Craft Winery in Virginia.

Tin Lizzie Wineworks in Maryland is sourcing premium Cab from Stagecoach Vineyards in Napa. The current word is that harvest will occur around October 13th and grape arrival to the east about a week later.

We will miss one arrival and make the other. This must drive winemakers crazy, trying to adjust one’s schedule based on growers who are adjusting harvest due to many other variables. It is a wait and see situation. Hopefully we’ll capture some video of harvest in California. We are visiting wineries in Suisun, Lake County, Napa and Sonoma.

Photo shows California grapes nearing harvest.

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