Bottled first mead

In Fall of 2008 I made 2.5 gallons of mead. For months it was cloudy and research basically suggested to “leave it alone. It will eventually clear.” This summer it cleared so I decided to bottle the mead today. The mead is somewhat special to me. It was my first attempt to make wine that was not from a kit. It seemed to work fine; so wine kits may well be a thing of the past.

This is just a plain mead. I didn’t add fruit or flavoring. I wanted to capture the taste of the place where the honey was made. The mead ended dry, about 14% alcohol and 0% RS. It has a floral and honey aroma and honey taste. There is a long honey aftertaste that lingers. After have a glass or two it does grow on you; I’m not an avid mead drinker.

If I make another batch of mead, I’d like to add raspberries for some fruit flavoring. This particular mead pairs nicely with spicy hot cheeses. It helps cut the spiciness and the cheese cuts the aftertaste of the mead. I’d like to experiment using some of the mead in cooking especially with pork and chicken.

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